Agromarket. Sale of ecologically clean agricultural products grown in the Ukraine. Regular exports of nuts, seeds, corn, apples and other agricultural products to Europe and Asia.

Cooperation in agricultural business. Affiliate Programs.

Partnership Programs in agricultural businessIt's not a secret that for the success of any business, including agricultural is very important to cooperate with companies which touch the sphere of interests with the interests of your company. And the more successful cooperation will be with companies, which strive to provide their services in a professional manner, and to provide their customers with quality products only.

Our company "Meru Group" successfully conducts its agricultural businesses through the time-tested partnerships with companies that are not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Geography extensive partnerships, companies are our partners in the European Union, Russia, as well as in Asia. We have no desire to stop on the reached partnership and strive to expand the range of companies that can establish mutually beneficial and comfortable cooperation in the agricultural business.

We are interested in cooperation in the following partner programs:

Partnership program "Reliable Supplier"

Team of "Meru", like any manufacturer, and marketer of agricultural products, aims to increase growing and selling agricultural products. We are interested in cooperation with companies in different countries of the world that deal with the confectionery business, processing and wholesale of agricultural products.

Partners who conclude such an agreement will be provided with regular, including export, supply of agricultural products in required quantities on time and Partner price for such products.

Partnership program "Buyer"

To ensure timely delivery of contracts, including export and for Increased Sales of agricultural products, our company, "Meru" is looking for major agricultural, farms and gatherers of various agricultural products.

The company "Meru" on a contract basis is ready to buy the following products: walnut and hazelnut, different varieties of apples, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, grain corn. So we are ready to consider offers on any other agricultural products.

Partnership program "Agronomist"

This program is designed for working with large agricultural farms and agricultural producers.

Our company is the official representative in Ukraine manufacturer of microbiological (natural) fertilizer "Ekstrasol" and "BisolbiFit", "Bisolbi Inter" has the ability to provide full range of fertilizer for your agricultural economy. Our agronomists will count the required standards and the method of application of fertilizers and provide all the necessary recommendations. In return, our company gets the right to sell your agricultural products.

More information about the microbiological fertilizer "Ekstrasol" and "BisolbiFit" read in the respective sections of the site.


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