Agromarket. Sale of ecologically clean agricultural products grown in the Ukraine. Regular exports of nuts, seeds, corn, apples and other agricultural products to Europe and Asia.

Company "Meru Group". Manufacture, sale and export of agricultural products.

Interests and goals of the company «Meru Group»

Our Company «Meru Group» unites various businesses around the world, it is companies in Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Asia. We connected the different interests in different areas of business - in the agricultural and industrial sectors, providing consulting and logistics services, wholesale trade of agricultural products and industrial goods, investing in agricultural and farming.

Specialists of our companies and farms work guided by the motto: "More attention to people - more people's attention to us!". We're not looking for high profit, and strive to ensure that all of our products and all of our services are of high quality, this principle only allows our customers to contact us again.

Our Partners follow same principles of doing business, and this our cooperation in various areas of business brings good dividends, and the work is always easy and fun experience.

Agriculture. Production of agricultural products

As our company is the official representative of the manufacturer of natural microbial fertilizer "Bisolbi Inter" (Russia, St. Petersburg), we strive to grow agricultural products using these natural fertilizers, gradually reducing using of fertilizers.

Range of agricultural products produced in our agricultural farms and farms of our partners, though not large but differs in excellent quality and conform to international norms and standards. We work on a permanent contract basis following agricultural products: sunflower and pumpkin seeds, walnuts and hazelnuts, corn grain, flax seeds, apples and many popular varieties of various dried fruits.

Foreign economic activity. Import and export of agricultural products

Due to international partnerships the company «Meru Group» deals with import and export of various agricultural products that are grown not only in our agricultural farms, but also in agricultural farms of our Partners.

Activity in foreign economic activities and logistics allows our experts to thoroughly examine all the procedures of customs clearance, and we can help you to pass in the shortest possible time and with minimum payments on customs formalities.

Our logistics center provides quality services for containerization, distribution and delivery of goods worldwide. So we can help you organize warehousing of goods in different countries in Europe and Asia.

Partnership Programs in the agricultural business

It's not a secret that for the success of any business, including agricultural is very important to cooperate with companies which touch the sphere of interests with the interests of your company. And the more successful cooperation will be with companies, which strive to provide their services in a professional manner, and to provide their customers with quality products only.

For expanding our network of partners, increasing the turnover of import and export of agricultural products, we have developed several mutually beneficial partnership programs, the terms of which you will find on our website in "Cooperation".

Agrarian market news. «Meru Group» Company News

Old adage says: "Who owns the information - owns the world!". Certainly, you should always understand the situation in the market where you have business.

And our company is no exception, we also follow the news in the agricultural market, and the most interesting in our opinion we share with our potential partners. But the news we place not on our website we place it on our pages on social networks. This enables us  virtually  discuss any news in our industry with a wide range of interested people.

Join us, We will be glad for the  live communication. Choose a comfortable and familiar to you social network:

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