Wholesale and export different kinds of seeds grown in Ukraine

Sale and export of pumpkin seeds and sunflower seedsSeeds

Botanically, by definition the seed - multicellular structure of the complex structure that serves to reproduction and dispersal of seed plants. Due to its taste, rich content of minerals and amino acids, the seeds of many plants and the oil extracted from them are widely used in food industry, medicine and cosmetology.

Roasted sunflower seeds many people  with pleasure  use as a delicacy, and the resulting oil from them, which is widely used in cooking throughout the world. Pumpkin seeds - great flavor to many dishes, and specialists in traditional medicine is recommended to use them as a remedy for worms.  Squeezed from flax oil, which is used in medicine, pharmacology and cosmetology, and dried and cleaned flax seeds since ancient times in many nations of the world is considered to be tasty and healthful food.

Lots of useful and interesting information about the different types of seeds can be found in specialized sections of our site, about Flax seeds and sunflower in the "Articles about grains and oilseeds," about pumpkin seeds in the section: "Articles about melons.

Wholesale and export of seeds

Our company "Meru" and agrofirms of our partners are engaged in cultivation, processing, wholesale and export of the following types of seeds:

Wholesale and export of sunflower seeds

Wholesale and export of Sunflower seeds

Sunflower is grown and processed in Poltava, Kherson and Mykolaiv regions of Ukraine. Vintage 2013. Environmentally friendly, GMO free.


 Wholesale and export of pumpkin seeds.Wholesale and export of Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin is grown and collected on farms in different regions of Ukraine. Vintage 2013. Environmentally friendly product, GMO free. Cleaned seeds from the pericarp and perfectly dried.


 Wholesale of Flax seedsWholesale of flax seeds

Linseed collected in the agrarian farms of Ukraine and Russia. Vintage 2013. Environmentally friendly product. GMO. Dried for storage and transportation.